14 Feb 2014


The years I lived in the Philippines were as though I passed 5 different University faculties:
What they did not they gave me...
years and a country…

The 1st Year basically I studied: “Law”. Actually, its better to say that I studied how to Realize that the Law that Rules the World took his Ph.D specializing in Injustice.
I did practice in the streets, between millions of children who live in the street, literally in the street and literally millions.

The 2nd year I learned how to love without strangulating and imprisoning what I love.

The 3rd year I learned how to be loved without this making me feel like the center of the World.

The 4th year we had again many practical lessons. Every day I had to compare my problem, any of my problems with any of the problems others around me had. Even before I started to whine about my own..

There was also a 5th year,
in this, in the Graduating already,
I learned the most Basic: that each one of us is essentially alone in any of his Battles.

And from time to time may the Lonely can get a Little out of  his Loneliness,
to make a date and go, to meet other Loneliness,
because of Love or just to have simply a coffee
maybe they will start to talk,
maybe they will start to write
they can maybe catch their Brushes
to paint the Time in 3D,
to make Him seem Larger,
oil on canvas
oily  Time memories that slip, they abandone me

and I,
hunging by the hand of other Loneliness,
hand by hand with all my Losses
we wait  silently in the corner,

like spys we wait for the Time to make a stop,
to come down from His bike,
to take a rest,
to breathε,

and there, exactly there while breathing
while He stoops to drink water looking arrogant on how we all growing old,
there exactly there


to take his picture,
to imprison Him in pictures
the way He does with us,
paparazzi of Time,
to catch Him without makeup,
with eye bags,
fat in leggings
on a bike
to blackmail For Ever

...there are pictures of your's Mr. Time,
where you stoped for Water and Breath
you are ugly,
and layer,
why you always  liec that you never stop?
We are the non stop,
we run all the time not you,
passing infront of you and you laughing

there are pictures of your's,
there are evidence
you prisoner
frozen in the Instant,
chained will get you from the tail, the one you call Eternity
-all Monsters have tail, can not be that Time doesn't-

holding the tail by the tow hands,
will drive into our Anguish
to inseminate our Longing for a Little More.

And if you can, dare to come out from the picture,
if you are not really like us you say,
get out,
ride the bike
run again
anyway it's the only thing you know how to do
to run
and the only thing We had time to do was to be left behind,
in some old pictures.

Run you Time Slumdog!

In such a walk that my solitude was taking, she met Anton Juan. And in the Corner of the Years,
he introduced me to beloved friends and teachers:
Mrs Epistola,
Beth ...

Today, they all went to meet, all of them, Roy. (I have no idea  where they take place these kinds of meetings)

Yes, Roy Alvarez, Nieves's Roy.

Gentleman and Generous on stage,
the same in life,
the same since Tuesday also in Death.

He didn't bother anyone,
he made no one suffer.

All at Once!

Heart attack they said...

All at Once!

BAM and down!

Ok, lets say you made it “easy” for every one
isn't it too early Roy?
63 years old isn't it too early for such “All at Once!” ?

Good Boy Roy.

And because you're certainly somewhere near still, I'm sure you still can hear,
listen to my promise.

Yes, I want to promise you something:

I'll write a play for your... widow already,
for my beloved Nieves,
that among all actresses I saw live on stage
she is still my favorite.
Now that you charged and victual her with a Good dose of Pain
you will see what we will do together on stage.
I'm sure you'll find the way to see our play.
As I am sure that you want Nieves on stage,
you want to watch her
crying, laughing, remembering, continuing...

I'm sure because you loved her so much.
I'll also think of a role for Miren.

I promise it to you today,
impossible, you at least that you'll forget this day,
the last.
I promise you and now,
how can one not keep his word to a dead?

PS: I made you listen to a music you loved in the house of Anton in Athens, do you remember which music was? I forgot. Can one remember in the state you are?

                                                                                                                    El Greco 
                                                                               (It's Yiannis Roy but here I sign this way.)

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